Here’s why Dakota Pacific’s proposal is the best choice for Kimball Junction

Given the amount of community discussion about plans for the former Tech Center, we’d like to review some key facts about how our proposal will make positive improvements that benefit Kimball Junction and Summit County for decades to come.

Dakota Pacific’s mixed-use Transit Oriented Development (TOD) plan qualifies for a special state program that provides the County with critical tools to fundamentally improve traffic conditions on SR-224 and the I-80 interchange; the current plan does not.

Dakota Pacific’s proposal directly reflects community needs identified in the Kimball Junction Neighborhood Master Plan.

Affordable housing for seasonal and essential workers such as teachers, ski patrol workers, restaurant servers, bus drivers, firefighters, and other essential workers is needed now more than ever.

Energy-efficient, water-wise design will make the project a standard-bearer for sustainability.

Engaging and listening to the community and County officials over 2+ years has made the proposal even better.

Additional Factoids

  • County tools include a $14 million developer contribution plus tax increment financing through a special zoning district designation. This designation will generate County funds and a UDOT prioritization to expedite major improvements along SR-224 and the I-80 interchange
  • Transportation funding options for mixed-use projects are not available for office-only projects like Tech Center
  • 336 deed-restricted units for residents with very low to moderate incomes
  • Affordable housing prioritized for those who live and work in Summit County
  • Dakota Pacific’s project supports the County’s sustainability objectives, including the County’s goal to achieve net zero by 2030.
  • The Project has more than sufficient water shares.


Your feedback is needed to help guide the transformation of Kimball Junction into a thriving neighborhood that addresses critical issues like traffic congestion, pedestrian and bicycle safety, sustainability, open space, and lack of housing options.

Designed from the ground up to meet goals of community master plans, our proposal for the west side of Kimball Junction will turn the dormant Tech Center office park into a real neighborhood by reducing the amount of approved office space and adding housing, shops, restaurants, and community amenities.

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Creating a Community that Inspires & Instills Pride in Us All

Salt Lake City-based Dakota Pacific Real Estate purchased the Park City Tech Center site in 2018 and is asking Summit County to approve changes to the previous owner’s approved but unsuccessful plan. Changes sought include significantly reducing the amount of planned office space, reserving more land for open space, and increasing the number of housing units, 25% of which will be reserved for local residents or employees who earn less than the average median income.

The proposed mixed-use neighborhood is designed to meet today’s market conditions and community needs. Along with 1,100 new housing units, plans including smaller amounts of office, retail and hospitality uses, set within a pedestrian- and cycle-friendly landscape connected to local trails and surrounding open space.

Dakota Pacific’s application to revise the site’s development agreement was reviewed by the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission in a year-long series of work sessions and public hearings that ended in September. After revising our plans to incorporate suggestions from the Planning Commission and members of the public, our updated application is now being considered by the Summit County Council.

Council Members have held several work sessions and public hearings in anticipation of making a decision by year end 2021.


Since acquiring the former Park City Tech Center site in 2018, Dakota Pacific Real Estate has been designing a project that meets community needs and aligns with the Kimball Junction Neighborhood Master Plan and Summit County’s strategic priorities.

Click the links below to view Dakota Pacific’s presentations to the Snyderville Planning Commission and Summit County Council.

Visit the Summit Research Park Redevelopment page at Summit County Planning for staff reports, minutes & presentations by County staff.


Attainable Housing

  • Variety of housing including low, moderate, attainable, market and for-sale units
  • Includes apartments, townhomes and condos
  • Sizes include studio, 1 BR, 2 BR and 3BR units
  • Onsite amenities for all residents
  • Onsite management of housing and amenities
  • Ongoing affordability – 330 deed-restricted units
  • Phased construction and delivery
  • 727 total residential units, including:
    • 237 for-rent workforce/attainable units
      • 217 between 44% and 60% of AMI
      • 20 between 100% and 120% of AMI
    • 365 for-rent market rate units
    • 125 for-sale condominium units

Achieving Community Housing Goals

Summit County’s Strategic Plan

“The County will facilitate efforts to significantly decrease the deficit in workforce/affordable housing…”

Snyderville Basin General Plan

“…a variety of housing, including low and moderate…”

“… balance of types of housing, styles of housing, ownership category, unit sizes, and a range of affordability.”

Kimball Junction Neighborhood Master Plan

“…develop housing in the current Tech Center.”

“…medium to high density residential uses”

“…create pockets of additional workforce housing”

Convenient Connections

  • Multimodal design from the ground up to reduce vehicle trips
  • Pedestrian/bike trails throughout site link to local trail network and open space
  • Quick access to Kimball Junction Transit Center from 720 housing units
  • Well-lit, tree-lined pedestrian-friendly streets
  • Mix of uses minimizes peak hour traffic (AM and PM), resulting in 40% reduction over approved 2008 plan.
  • Mostly off-street, underground parking and limited surface parking helps improve pedestrian/bike safety
  • Allows people who work in the area to live in the area, rather than commuting from the Salt Lake Valley and elsewhere
  • Complements potential future transportation investments at I-80 interchange, SR-224 and an expanded Kimball Junction Transit Center

Achieving Community Transportation Goals

Summit County’s Strategic Plan

“… plan for and make improvements to our transportation system to reduce traffic congestion.”

Snyderville Basin General Plan

“Provide for interconnectivity for all modes …”

“Encourage the creation of highly livable neighborhoods … that are connected by open spaces and multimodal transportation systems.”

“Create a multimodal transportation network to support desired development patterns.”

Kimball Junction Neighborhood Master Plan

“…improve the flow of regional through traffic”

“… bettering the overall neighborhood connectivity and walkability.”

Sustainable Design

  • Comprehensive approach to social, environmental, and economic sustainability
  • Careful grouping of buildings allows for 55% more open space than 2008 plan
  • Housing choices for individuals and families of varying income levels
  • Energy-efficient buildings & electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Waterwise landscaping

Achieving Community Sustainability Goals

Summit County’s Strategic Plan

“… implement plans and policies to secure, preserve and protect our water, land and air quality for the present and future.”

Snyderville Basin General Plan

“All neighborhood development should focus on sustainable patterns of development.”

“Support programs that … minimize environmental impacts.”

Kimball Junction Neighborhood Master Plan

“Promote the vitality of Kimball Junction’s main commercial spaces and protect the natural areas.”

“Support development which facilitates the use of a variety of sustainable modes of transportation.”

Authentic Atmosphere

  • Promotes a vibrant live, work, eat, play, stay community
  • Dedicated open space honors the natural surroundings
  • Mix of building types and materials adds visual interest
  • Outdoor plaza and green spaces offer recreation opportunities and gathering places for residents, employees, and visitors
  • Parking is mostly underground or screened from view; enhances aesthetics and improves safety for pedestrians and cyclists within the confines of a development project approved in 2008
  • Mixed-use area with density consolidated within the confines of a previously approved commercial development

Achieving Community Mixed-Use Goals

Snyderville Basin General Plan

“Encourage the creation of highly-livable neighborhoods and mixed-use areas…”

“New residential developments should be compact, connected, and incorporated whenever possible into mixed use/transit friendly areas.”

Kimball Junction Neighborhood Master Plan

“Mixed-use neighborhoods where residential, retail, service, and civic uses are connected…”

“Audit and re-evaluate existing Development Agreements [to] increase mixed-use, workforce and attainable housing, multi-modal connectivity, and parking mitigation.”


Today’s development proposal includes more housing choices, less office space, and more open space.